To view these items and make a bid, visit the display case next to the parking lot entrance of the Central Library.  Bidding ends on Saturday, August 12 at 12:00 p.m.  (THIS SILENT AUCTION HAS ENDED – NEW AUCTION BOOKS TO BE DISPLAYED IN MID SEPTEMBER)


1. Bible Stories for Young People; Copyright 1938; The Platt & Munk Co., Inc.; excellent condition, color pictures, large print; Old and New Testament Bible stories.           minimum bid $6

2. All About Baking; General Foods Corp. copyright 1933; ways to perfect baking for the progressive homemaker. General Foods testing of recipes and result of careful development.     minimum bid $6

3. ROTCM American Military History; Manual ROTC 1959 by the Dept. for the Army; preface: Manual presents facts of American military history. Good, clean book, spine inside damaged.       minimum bid $6

4. 150th Anniversary Alice in Wonderland and other stories; by Lewis Carroll; copyright 2013; extra clean book for a collector of the Victorian anthology of Alice and other stories.  minimum bid $7

5. Esther and Me; by Will Rogers; 1935, seventeenth printing; first copyright 1927; Will is turning yellow, what could it be? Will Rogers writes of his operation and stay in the hospital.     minimum bid $6

6. Basketball My Way; Jerry West; 1973 copyright; Jerry West discusses the objectives of basketball and techniques of playing the game.   minimum bid $6

7. 1929 Johnson Smith & Co.; copyright 1970; Chelsea House; this was mail order of surprising novelties, puzzles, trick and joke goods; good condition.   minimum bid $6

8. Dick and Jane, Fun with our Family; Dick & Jane and Friends; reprinted 1965; Generations of American children learned to read with Dick and Jane books. Reissued by Grosset and Dunlap.   minimum bid $8

9. Aladdin or the Lamp and other stories; no copyright date but was given to Samuel Vickers in 1915 from grandparents. black and white; colored  plates, loose pages, good condition for age; minimum bid $6

10.  The Little Shepherd; copyright 1935; The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago; by Anna Potter Wright; story written by Christian workers and laymen for children;    minimum bid $6